About – Heather Thompson

Heather Thompson is a counsellor and mental health social worker with over 20 years’ experience working with adults, young people and couples in Australia, South-East Asia and the Caribbean. She works with people experiencing a range of issues including personal relationship difficulties, grief and loss, trauma, mental health issues, anger management, work related concerns and organisational challenges.

Heather enjoys seeing the positive changes and blossoming confidence in her clients as she works with them to reach their personal goals. The basis of her approach is to assist clients in focusing on what they would like to be different in their lives, identifying and utilising their strengths and past successes as a foundation for change and provides support for clients as they work toward achieving their goals.

Heather has a warm, engaging style and connects easily with people in a manner that encourages open dialogue. She is respectful and mindful of the courage it often takes to seek assistance and disclose areas of difficulty and challenge. Her people skills enable her to create a safe place where people feel at ease and are able to share their experiences and think about how things could be different while providing them with information and tools to assist them in getting where they want to be.

She draws on a range of therapeutic approaches in her work that are collaborative and client focused and utilises a range of creative activities seeking to provide ways of working that resonate with the individual.

Social work and counselling expertise

Heather is a skilled counsellor and social worker with a wealth of experience. She has worked in community development programs, faith-based settings, child, youth and family services, alcohol, and drug  services, family violence agencies, and provided human service training and development. Currently, Heather runs a successful private counselling practice and teaches


  • Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AASW)
  • Master of Counselling
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Adult Further Education)

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